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Our 'Why'

Improvement Directors are a team of committed healthcare leaders, who are passionate about supporting businesses and organisations to deliver positive change.  We believe in delivering change that benefits all partners, from Commissioner, to Provider, to staff and, most importantly, the patient.  We do this because we care about the future of NHS services, and because we believe that delivering collaborative improvement programmes is how NHS services achieve sustainability and longevity.  

Our 'What'

Improvement Directors work to help organisations/businesses deliver effective transformational change and innovation, and to build cultures of continuous improvement.  We offer a range of services from leadership and improvement training, to strategy and analysis, to leading change and delivery on the ground.  We can tailor our offer to the needs of the client.  


Our 'How'


Using an understanding of creative adaptive organisation and complex systems approaches, we combine a range of methodologies, techniques and tools to help shape organisational culture, efficiency and productivity.  Using our knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, Q.I, Prince2, AGILE and MSP, depending on the needs of the client, we deliver a tailored package that results in achievement of successful change, on time and on budget. 


All Consultants are experienced NHS leaders, having worked in Operational Management, Commissioning, Service Improvement and with the National Bodies of NHSE, NHSI and HEE.  

Meet the team....


Carl Davies
Twitter: @CarlDaviesPH
LinkedIn:  carldaviestcpm

Director & Lead Consultant


Carl is an experienced clinician, NHS manager and leader of organisational improvement.  

Carl's area of expertise is leadership and innovation across  complex systems and building a culture of improvement within organisations.  

He has worked with the national bodies focused on transformation and has helped drive new models of care in the NHS.

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