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I.D's "Why"

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

We always believe it's important that clients know 'why' we do what we do. At I.D we believe bringing continuous improvement to businesses and organisations means that everybody wins. A future where Trusts & Commissioners achieve value and patients get the best in health care delivery - Right Person, Right Place, Right Time, Right Treatment.

This is the win-win-win situation, the holy grail of change management. Achieving change where one partner loses is easy. Mastering the win-win-win is an art. We believe efficient, cost-effective and most importantly, high-quality patient-centred care should be the aim of any Healthcare business/organisation. This is what guarantees longevity and sustainability.

We aim to inspire teams to build excellence into their daily duties. We want them to share in the ownership of continuous improvement and delivery. We look to change organisation cultures, so that we recognise the importance of every person delivering for the good of the patient. Ultimately, we seek to build a network of people determined to drive improvements for patients and our proud to be helping shape the future vision and sustainability of the NHS.

At Improvement Directors we are passionate about what we do and we look to work with partners who understand the 'art of the possible'.

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