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System Leadership & Transformation

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Welcome, and thanks for visiting the the Improvement Directors blog!

This blog is a place to collect reflections on experiences in the NHS.  Hopefully there may be something worthy of stimulating debate and some take away lessons for anybody reading.

It will focus on Complex & Integrated System Leadership and Transformational approaches to delivering high-quality healthcare services.  As somebody with significant experience as a transformation specialist, I simply seek to share my thinking on some of the challenges we face (both personally and professionally) when redesigning NHS services.

I hope to lay out some simple tips on what you can do to overcome many of the barriers you face when trying to improve services and also, from experience, what not to do!

The one major lesson I've learned from my years in transformation, is that it is only possible if we work collaboratively.  If we work together there is no obstacle that is too great to overcome. If we can understand that each organisation has a place in the complex integrated systems of healthcare, and that we all need to adapt, the future is anything we want to be.

I hope you enjoy!



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